The Van Leendert Group actually has a very simple policy: The consumer only deserves the very best quality in game, lamb and rabbit.

The excellent reputation of the LOUISA branded products is owed to the constant product quality. The whole Van Leendert organization is aimed at continuously improving the production processes that lead to the desired top quality. This concerns everything from the very first step, the actual hunting, to the production, the distribution to the last step, the consumer’s plate. To manage such a production cycle means to control it, over and over again. Directly after the shot while hunting, during the selection, transportation, production, packaging and distributing of all our products.

In every single country where the Van Leendert Group is present with a company, these companies are managed by a combined management of local and Dutch employees. All the sites (Argentina, Chili, Poland) are regularly updated with the newest developments in production and packaging methods.